A Farmer's Daughter

My name is Genavieve. I am seventeen springs. My family and I live at the base of a mountain range. We raise cattle and sheep, and we harvest wheat, walnuts, acorns, and apples. We don’t have a lot of one thing, but we feel we are very well off with what we have.
This year we were blessed by the gods and had a very fine year of wheat. We were able to take the extra and sell it to the monks, and to the baker. I loved the sound of the coins jingling in my purse when I sold our wear.
My father and mother are from further west. Trestine and Verginia are very strong people. Both can work a full days work and have strength to continue til well after dusk. I’m not sure why they traveled such a long way from their home town. It was well over a months journey. I’ve tried to ask a few times, but my father says what’s in the past stays in the past. I have never gotten past those words.
I have two brothers and an adorable sister. My oldest brother is Marlo. Marlo is nineteen winters. He reminds me very much of our father. He is betrothed to Priscilla, a girl from Willowford. They see each other every Sunday. She will be a true sister to me next spring.

My next brother is Tame. Tame is fifteen winters. That boy will be the end of himself soon. He loves to play practical tricks on us all. One good thing for that is he makes us keep our senses keen. Tricks or no tricks, he is the one I am closest to. We grew up teaching each other to fight with swords, sling shots, bow and arrows, and our bare hands. The swords were a gift from our father. He said he had no more use for them.

Our youngest lass is Hannah. She is ten winters. I love Hannah with all my heart. She is incredably fast at learning. I have taught her how to birth a lamb and calf, the difference between dragons weed and bitter lace. Both look almost exact. Bitter lace has a velvet underside. Hannah has always been smart, but never interested in baring arms. She is capable of defending herself, especially with a bow and arrow, but not well with sword or knife. My mother tells me not to push her, that she will learn what she wants when she wants.

As for me, I try to live life with all the gusto I can. I’ve had to fight early in life, the beasts on the mountains are fierce when winter comes. I lost count of the wolves I’ve killed, the bears, the big cats also.
My friend Cael, who is a ranger, and I are on a quest along with a great fighter, Christobol, Byrne the sorcerer, Jim the rogue, there are two other women with us, but they don’t talk much to me.

This is my first adventure outside my home. I’ve killed bug bears, zombies, a giant something, and a strange creature that grew out of a mountain hole. The zombies have been the hardest. They’re so human looking.

I have been very thankful for all my new friends. Christobol is a strongheaded fighter, Cael has a way of sensing the right paths we should take, and the right stratagies to conquer our enemies. Byrne, the sorcerer is incredibly creative and resourceful with his talents. Jim is very clever and adgile. He is a very good fighter when the oponent is standing.
I used to be very independant when we started. I thought I could take on the world by myself, but now I’ve learned to depend on my friends. Together we will defend our home town of Willowford, right the wrongs, and defeat our enemies.

Feeling satisfied and relaxed at last Cael curled up into her bedroll for some well deserved, much needed sleep. It was a statement of her exhaustion that she failed to noticed no one had started a fire in the cold cavern yet. Even more so that she failed to wake to all the smoke filling the cavern later as Genevieve tried unsuccessfully for some time to get one started.



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