A Weary Journey

Cael sat on her bedroll in the dark cavern slowly stretching her muscles one by one. She swore there wasn’t a piece of flesh on her body that didn’t ache. Her legs in particular were killing her. She considered herself to be in great shape, but she was used to long treks through forest and farmland. Today when not battling, they had climbed steadily higher into the mountains. She wasn’t sure if even careful stretching was going to keep her from cramping during the night.

If nothing else, the calm steady movements helped to calm and relax her. She was still feeling keyed up after the battle with the ettin. She was amazed and grateful, that they had come through the encounter completely unschathed, a first for their little party. If all their battles could be planned for and thought through before hand, they might stand a good chance in their quest. Too bad most of their battles, such as the bugbears the day before, started with an ambush.

She couldn’t help a satisfied smirk when thinking of that battle two days earlier. It was true that they had been caught unawares and badly hurt on the whole. None the less they had survived and been victorious. Thirteen less bugbears were going to be causing strife and chaos thanks to their little party. no minor victory that one.

Feeling satisfied and relaxed at last Cael curled up into her bedroll for some well deserved, much needed sleep. It was a statement of her exhaustion that she failed to noticed no one had started a fire in the cold cavern yet. Even more so that she failed to wake to all the smoke filling the cavern later as Genevieve tried unsuccessfully for some time to get one started.



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