• Flint Boughfort

    Flint Boughfort

    Stoic man of the woods. Thin and wiry with a hint of wisdom and guile
  • Justine Innskeep

    Justine Innskeep

    A few years and a few pounds past her prime. She exudes matronly confidence and warmth.
  • Maurice Ironsides

    Maurice Ironsides

    War hardened man in his 50's with a gruff exterior and disposition
  • Siliceae The Hamadryad

    Siliceae The Hamadryad

    A tree spirit of ancient origins. She manifest in the most beautiful form of each season.
  • Talaith Coppingham

    Talaith Coppingham

    Striking ley beautiful with her red curls, She attracts suitors from across the kingdom.