Caelcarnadhiel Flintsdotter


Cael’s father Flint was a true woodsman. He loved tracking, hunting and living off the land. He settled into the North Woods twenty five summers ago, and had never found reason to regret his decision. He had built his small two room cabin with his own hands, from materials he himself had gathered. He made a living as an occasional hired tracker/guide as well as from the sale of pelts and some rarer deep woods plants and herbs.

Flint had rare dealings with the elves that roamed the North Woods. He knew a few by name, but would not have called them more then an acquaintance. This changed when he met Cael’s mother. They seemed to cross each other’s path more often then would be considered normal. One morning while out checking traps, he found Cael’s mother gravely injured. She’d surprised a couple of bugbears. Flint had carried her back to his cabin and nursed her back to health. With his minimal skills in healing, her recovery took several weeks. They grew quite fond of each other during this time. Eventually she was well enough to travel alone and return to her home. Several more summers passed before Flint was to see her again.

When next they met, she brought with her a toddler girl, their daughter, whom she left with Flint to raise. She had named the child Caelcarnadhiel, meaning “red archer", for the girl had inherited her father’s red hair. She left a small chest to be given to Cael eventually, though when exactly her father would not say. Nor would he name her mother. he says he will tell her when the time is right.

Currently Cael has seen sixteen winters. She has soaked up woods lore from her father. In most ways she takes after him. Her human heritage is dominant, yet betrayed by elven oddities. Her red hair has deepened to the richness of rubies, a vibrant color not seen in humans. Her emerald eyes flecked with gold, betraying a sense of “otherness”. Her tall slender build, and quiet movements do not seem out of place with her leather garb.

Her mannerisms are all human. She has a very outgoing personality for one raised in the quiet solitude of the deep woods. She learned as a young age that most people would somewhat overlook her differences if she didn’t give them a chance to dwell upon them. Therefore she became quick to initiate conversations, steering the topics in whichever direction she felt most beneficial at the time. She is quick with a joke or sarcastic comment, always meant playfully, never to hurt or bully.

As soon as she was old enough to travel to town on her own her father was content to let her. He preferred the solitude of his home. She travels into Willowford at least one a week to trade anything gathered and to look for side work. She is well known both in town and around the outlying farms. Her skills as a tracker, archer, and animal handler are well tested and respected. She is often away from home a week or so at a time if a job as guard or guide presents itself.

Cael is young in appearance and personality. She is full of youthful convictions unmarred by years of compromise and experience. She thinks she knows a great deal about life, the world, and how things are. Unfortunately she lacks much life experience outside of the North Woods and Willowford. She has been lucky enough to avoid any trouble on her few trips to Lonn or Demming, and has thus far not had experienced anything to prove her as inexperienced as she truly is.

Caelcarnadhiel Flintsdotter

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