Justine Innskeep

A few years and a few pounds past her prime. She exudes matronly confidence and warmth.


Justine is the owner proprietor of the Hamadryad Inn and Public House. She is a proud woman in her late thirties. She runs the inn efficiently and honestly. Most of her patrons are locals, as such she knows them by name and is not afraid to mother them if necessary to remind them of proper behavior and conduct.

Newcomers are welcomed with a scrutinizing eye. Justine can handle most herself well enough. When things get out of hand she calls on Donnlyn, the cook. He seldom makes appearance in the public house. He is slow of wit and conscious of teasing. He is a formidable fighter when he is asked to settle fights. He acts the role of son to Justine though they are nearly the same age.

Justine looks after her employees like they are family. Jillette and Darla are the servers for the Hamadryad. They are not well paid by Justine, but she knows they make good with tips.

Justine Innskeep

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