Talaith Coppingham

Striking ley beautiful with her red curls, She attracts suitors from across the kingdom.


Talaith has been a prosperous resident of Willowford for the last two years. It was not always so. She and her brother arrived penniless and on the verge of starvation. Her natural acumen for organization and an unwavering tenacity had allowed her to forge a textile business from nothing. She is likely the richest merchant in Willowford. Her younger brother Sir Robert Coppingham is in service to the King thanks to her generous sponsorship.

Comely and well spoken she has an endless number of suitors parading into town for the opportunity to court her. Most leave dejected and all have fount their suit rejected. At twenty four she is in the prime of her life with seemingly no end to her good fortune.

Her stone cottage on the west side of the river is a commanding two story structure with several out buildings. She attends the Sunday market regularly and is on good terms with Prior Bevan.

Talaith Coppingham

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